Our Leadership

A Message from Our Founder Brian Woodfin

ABS Business Systems has been a constant force in the business place for over 32 years. It was founded with the purpose of serving customers and employees. While working at a previous company, we were acquired, and during this time, it became clear the organization’s mission was driven by the bottom line. After borrowing enough money to get us started, we founded our company with the mission to put customers and employees first.

It didn’t take long for word to get out that ABS was open for business. The first several years were some of the most rewarding in my professional career. Pushing ourselves to new ventures and seeing our employees grow and succeed was nothing short of pure exhilaration.

While many years have passed, I am thrilled that ABS is still thriving and growing in our state with over 5 locations. I also firmly believe that the best is still ahead of us. Our team’s mission has never changed, as we will continue to always put the customer first. Service is at the heart of all we do at ABS. We not only talk about it but strive to make sure we accomplish this at every turn. In business at ABS, there are a few philosophies that we stand by that set us apart:

  1. Hire the best people.
  2. Support them and give them direction. 
  3. Be intentional about our actions.
  4. Have the discipline to execute the plan. 
  5. Execute, Execute, Execute.

Leadership Team

Bobby Edgil

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Lewis

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick May

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Haynes

Vice President of Service

Haley Arnold